we took over the world
the image on the left is of a woman who was exercising her right to free speech and peaceful assembly.

the woman was pepper sprayed and kicked by police while exercising her rights.

she was pregnant at the time of the assault by the police.

the image on the left is of a woman who, reports say, is the victim of a state-forced abortion.

this, and a variety of other horrific images that show what happens when americans exercise their rights, can be found at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer site.

perhaps you've found yourself at odds with the occupy movement for whatever reasons. 

however, if you consider yourself an american and regardless of your personal political beliefs, there are now far more reasons to support it.

you may not consider yourself part of the 99% the occupy protesters are defending.

if you believe that, there's a 99% chance you're wrong about that.

but if you're pro-life, you now have reason to join the cause.  state-forced abortions can't mesh well with your beliefs.

if you believe in the constitution, you can't be happy about overzealous police officers pepper spraying those exercising their first amendment rights like weeds in a well-manicured lawn.

perhaps you don't believe in this cause, but chances are there is something that would make you take to the streets to exercise your rights.

if you don't support this cause, your future will look like this:
and this is not america.

tell the president and other elected officials that we want our country back.


Big It
11/29/2011 15:20

They were begging for it! Dang hippies.


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